A product of Al Ferguson ( new products developer) and Harvey Leach (world-class inlay artist, luthier, Voyage-Air guitars).


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"Bloody amazing! I received the capo this morning, popped it on - perfect pitch, NO adjustments necessary! The tone is better then my old capo and the Fretpaw eliminated a bit of a 4 string buzz I have been struggling with. Thank you! Worth it`s weight in gold. Best, Kerry" (Australia)

"I have certainly been enjoying my Fretpaw Capo. As you advertise, it definitely changes keys without making the strings go sharp. This facilitates quick key changes without having to do any string retuning after capoing up my banjo. Thanks !!!" Jim H

"Thanks Al for the great capo experience. Just got it and tried it out. Really wonderful not to have to retune. I like it so much I just want to play tunes that are capoed!!" Richard R.

(Joe ordered a capo and I told him that it was in the mail and he replied )"Thanks! My banjo teacher has one and swears by it. Can`t wait!" (When he received it, he said) " It just arrived and crikey. I`m sort of a beginner and I hate using capos because of the retuning shenanigans but your capo is fantastic! No retuning and the tone is sharp and clear and isn`t in my way at all. Much thanks, Joe" (England)

"Hello Al, thanks for the capo, it really works perfect. Regards from Switzerland" Renato

"The FretPaw saves me time since I don`t have to re-tune my banjo when I move the capo. I like it so much that I bought another one for my son. Thanks Al" Robert G.

"I just ordered my 2nd flat banjo capo. Got tired of switching between banjo cases when going to play. After getting use to the additional fretting hand room and having not to re-tune I have become spoiled. My previous favorite capo`s just don`t measure up anymore. Thanks for the great product." Ron E.

"This is an outstanding capo. I just received it and absolutely love it. I put it on and didn`t have to retune anything. What I really like is, how it doesn`t interfere with my left hand. Great capo! Thanks again." Ronald L

"I love the capos (he has a radius and flat -Al). They are easy to put on, fit perfectly on the few banjos that I have, can be placed anywhere on the fingerboard, don`t have to retune. I don`t usually play outside, but I`m sure, eventually, someone will ask me about the fretpaw and l`ll be very happy to tell them how good it is and where they can get one. Thank you for the fine capos and for being so nice to deal with" Ken D

"Hi Al, my feed back on the fretpaw capo is very positive. It does as advertised for not needing re-tuning. I have dozens of capos of all kinds. I have never had one that didn`t need to be re`tuned when used on my Granada. I have taken it to a few jam sessions, like me there were a lot of skeptics until they tried it. One of the best features that is advertised but is sort of glassed over is the capo has excellent hand clearance even at the 5th fret. Very satisfied." Ron E.

"Hi Al, you know it`s so great when somebody actually makes a better mousetrap! Everything you say is true. The capo stays in tune better then others, and is way more stable physically because of its wide uh, pawprint. Thank you for having the ingenuity to do this!" Bruce D.

"Hi Al, this thing is a keeper, I looked at it, and looked at it, and looked at it, and looked at closer again - and I don`t know quite how it works - but it does! ( Must be done with MIRRORS!) Anyway, I`m starting to get use to moving it around now and it does the trick nicely - 477% better then other capos. I will show people." Thanks, Neil L.

" Hi Al, today I got the capo.Installing was really simply and it works perfectly. Absolutely recommendable! Thanks a lot and all the best" Hajo

"Al, played a gig last night - all good-rockin thanks" Richard M.

"Thanks Al, I received your fretpaw and totally love it. It makes the strings way crisper then the clip on capos" Angeline M.

"Bullseye Al, congrats,you have a winner here- thank you!" Jake J.

"Hi Al, so far, so `great`. Have yet to try it in a live show situation, but here at home I find the capo easy to use and the intonation up the neck is excellent. Thanks" Charlie S.

"Alan, I tried it the day it arrived, and I can`t get over it! It makes the banjo sound better! I don`t want to take it off, it`s like an angelic voice now. I don`t know what you did differently then all others, but this is worth every penny and I plan to but more. How can something so simple add so much enjoyment? Thanks so much!" Dave T.

"Al, it was nice speaking to you today. Your fretpaw capo is the only capo I`ve found that eliminates having to re-tune each time I change keys!! Thanks again." Jack M.

"Hi Al, got the fretpaw the other day and I`m really happy with it. No more getting in the way with my thumb and index, and no need to retune. It takes no time to install and easy to slide up and down the neck. Tad expensive but works fine" Kerry

"Hi Al,the fretpaw arrived today - works great! It`s a breeze to put on and sounds as clear as a bell. For the first time in years, it`s a pleasure to play at C4. Many thanks." Graham

"Recently received a FretPaw capo for my Stelling Master`s Cross...Absolutely love it! It is far superior to every other capo that I have ever used. Thanks much!" Jim Q.

"Nice work with the capos, needed doing for many years" Jack A.

"I LOVE my FretPaw capo! It is easy to install, does not get in the way, and tuning stays truer then other capos. I am so glad I found it! Thank you!" Deborah B.

"I just got the capo, and it fits all my banjos, and it works well. Thanks" Duane B.

"May I say how refreshing it is to buy something that works as well as this does. I`ve only had it one hour and already it has proving how great it is. I can capo anywhere on my Saratoga Star and the result is the same no matter what fret...no retuning needed! Absolutely perfect! You are to be congratulated on such a fine product. I tour constantly with my band and need to have confidence in my capos and this is by far the best I have ever owned, and I have Elliot, Page, Shubb.. the lot. Wonderful capo, thank you so much and continued success." Joe Mac (England)

"I just received my fretpaw today and my search for a capo that would not put my banjo out of tune every time I changed keys is over! Believe me, I have tried a lot of them in the last 35 years of playing. You have got this right 100%! It works on my 1930 PB-2 conversion and my 1930`s RB11. There is nothing worse then having to tune your banjo while the audience is waiting for the next song. I want ot thank you for a job well done. This capo should revolutionize the capo market. If there is anything I can do to help get other banjo players down the righteous path of having this capo, please let me know. Thank you again." Anthony Scruggs

"Al, just got the capo - it`s fantastic! Does the guitar capo work on a 12 string?" Joel O."

"Now that is some capo! For the first time in many years(50) I`ve been able to use a capo without fighting for space on the neck - even in the 5th position. Great invention!" David M.

"Just got the capo and it works real fine" Wes T.

"Alan, I just received the Fretpaw, I tried it and so for I love it! Intonation is fabulous to the 7 fret...thanks" Docbanjo

"I got your Fretpaw capo in very good time. Thanks a lot. I`ve had time to test it in practices and concerts. You have invented a clever design that works great. Fair play to you. I never use my other capos anymore. Thanks a million again. All the very best." Pierre-Claude (France)

"Hi Al, I received your Fretpaw today and low and behold, NO retuning - what a great result!" Eddie D.

"Great piece, Al! Works beautifully on my three banjos. Far and away, the best capo out there. My left thumb is especially fond of being able to move unimpeded. Like most pickers, I have a pile of other capos. Never going to need any of them now!" Howard F.

"Very fabulous! Works well every time - no corrections to tuning necessary. Great quality of materials. (Extensive installation instructions are overkill - it`s very easy to use) Thanks " Dave G.

"Hi Al, thanks for the capo. I have one of your Perfect Pitch capos and it works as advertised. It keeps my banjo in tune very well. It`s the first capo I`ve had that does that. The Fretpaw however seems to me to be in whole other class. The tone is wonderful and to my ear intonation is very good.The fact that it is out of the way of the left hand is a great improvement. Simply put, this is the first time I have played banjo and actually enjoyed it. Thanks again for a great product." John F

I DON`T KNOW ABOUT YOU, BUT I DO ALMOST ALL MY BUYING ON LINE. THE FIRST THING I CHECKOUT ( ABOUT A PRODUCT THAT I`M INTERESTED IN BUYING ) ARE THE TESTIMONIALS AND THE APPROVAL RATING OF THE PRODUCT FOR THIS DETERMINES IF I BUY IT OR NOT --- FRETPAW HAS AN APPROVAL RATING OF 99.9%! The above testimonials are just a few of the emails I received ( I have a whole stack of them like this!) and to date I got back (returned) 2!! One didn`t work on his fretless ( I told him it wouldn`t ), the other one, "didn`t fit". So...I figure it`s around a 99.9% approval rating of "pleased pickers". and no, I didn`t leave out any negative comments because I DIDN`T GET ANY!


  1. A precision tool for the musician as a micrometer is for the machinist.
  2. Can be quickly custom fitted (one time adjusted) to fit your specific instruments fret-board for optimum production of tone and pitch.
  3. Banjo pickers can go 5-7 and beyond frets without 5th string interference problems!
  4. Great clearance - no left hand hitting the capo.
  5. Installs in about 20 seconds (no re-tuning)
  6. Stainless Steel–hand made in the U.S.A.by me and other AMERICANS.
  7. Patents Pending
  8. 30 day 100% money back return policy- life time replaceable warranty

Several years ago when I came up with the PERFECT PITCH capo and it had 1 design goal ...spot-on tuning (and it did). My "new" capo - FRETPAW had 5 goals! 1. spot-on tuning 2. can be adjusted to fit any radius fret board. 3. no left hand capo contact 4. banjo`s can capo A, B,C,D,E, without 5th string problems 5. produce outstanding tone ( "string finger" pad material). This was a very ambitious undertaking to say the least! To date several hundred `pickers` agree with me - in a big way - mission was accomplished!

Capos today haven't changed much from the early capos we made using a pencil and rubber bands ( It takes a white-hair to remember those days) and they were basically a bar that pushed all the strings down onto a fret at the same time and the same pressure. My "new" capo- FRETPAW- however, is a product that has broke this traditional capo design by having "unique" features that can and will produce the VERY BEST sound (tone) from your instrument -and it can be easily and quickly CUSTOM FITTED to YOUR instrument if need be!

In the late 60's I made my first attempt at making a capo that applied pressure to the individual strings of my homemade banjo. Made of wood, it worked fine and proved the concept.

Today the FretPaw capo is a modern version of my earlier 60's attempt at an "individual string pressure" capo. Instead of wood, it's made of stainless steel and designed and engineered to have finger-like extensions that CAN BE shaped (bent) to conform to any fret-board shape (radius) and string thickness so that independent string pressures can be applied to the strings by simply turning a single knob. This concept MINIMIZES OVER-TIGHTENING and SHARPENING the string PITCH. Also, it's engineered so that the "fingers" act as independent springs - like the independent suspension on Baja race cars. For a guitar, it's like having 6 little independent capos in one!

Because independent (downward) STRING PRESSURE can be EXACTLY ADJUSTED - on the FRET- ( to little -string buzz- to much,string gets muffled plus goes sharp), the BRIGHT TONE produced by the FRETPAW capo is unparalleled with all other capos - PERIOD.

So, how long does it take actually take to INSTALL the FRETPAW? Well with a little practice, you will be able to install it in about... 15-20 seconds! This is the time it took me to take it out of my shirt pocket, install it and ready to play --NO RE-TUNING-- READY TO PLAY --20 seconds! Someone needs to explain to me why "good" pickers -knowing that FRETPAW is on the market- would still use these clamp "spring"capo`s? Sure they install in 4sec. and you can clamp them on the head stock or band mates hat, but you need to RE-TUNE at the fret ( that takes time and annoys the audience) and again RE-TUNE at the the nut when the capo is removed! So where`s the - TIME SAVED - using these quick-to-install "spring" capo`s?

Another unique feature of the FretPaw capo is that the "STRING FINGERS" puts distance between the fastening of the capo ( to the neck) and the fret so your left hand has the same uninhibited freedom moving around that capoed fret ( new nut ) as the instrument's nut - great feature!

I don't know what more a "picker" can want from a capo- SPOT-ON PITCH, NO HAND CONTACT WITH CAPO, CAN BE QUICKLY AND EASILY ADJUSTED TO CUSTOM FIT YOUR INSTRUMENT AND WILL PRODUCES OPTIMUM TONE. If you are a professional musician or a musician that demands the best products for your hobby and you don't at least try this capo, then it`s your loss, not mine - because you would be missing out on a capo that "does as advertised" and would be a great asset to your playing and performing!

Oh- about the price. FRETPAW is the last capo that you NEED TO BUY. It has a life time warranty. Should it break, I`II replace it - no questions, no charge. FRETPAW is hand made here in the USA (not overseas) by AMERICANS that are paid a living wage!

This FRETPAW capo, with it`99.9% approval rating, is among the BEST products that I ever came up with in 55 years developing new products - aircraft emergency parachute systems,diesel engine design/engineering, motor homes, SAAB concept car, banjos,composite products, many, many other neat projects and I`m very pleased to have developed this product and have it available for the guitar and banjo `pickers` worldwide.

I wrote this text, so if the grammar is incorrect or my points are not well made - sorry - but what do you expect from a old banjo picker!

"Joyful Picking" - Al Ferguson


"Wow-I've got to hand it to you, amazing perfect tune even at the ugly fifth" - Steve Martin

$49.95---TO purchase the fretpaw capo - free shipping within the u.s., outside u.s. - add $10.00 for shipping.

Guitar capos:

• Measure the distance between the 1st string and the 6th string at the 2nd fret. (example - 1 7/16")
- If it is 1 7/16" wide or less, choose the Narrow model
- If it is over 1 7/16" wide, choose the Wide model

• Does your instrument have a flat or radiused fretboard?
- Choose the appropriate model

NOTE: Owners of instruments with FLAT fretboards will receive capos that are FLAT - no adjustment to the capo is necessary. Owners of instruments with RADIUSED fretboards will receive capos that are RADIUSED - little chance that adjustments will be required, but if need be, the capo's "finger arms" can conform -EXACTLY- to your instrument's radiusd neck.